Logistics service providers are in the business of handling third-party goods, which means they have to pay more attention than most to security and compliance issues. Auditors or public offices such as customs demand thorough transparency when it comes to “Who has permission to do what?” in a company’s internal IT systems.

Previously, a great deal of manual effort and makeshift tools were involved in maintaining an overview of a company’s IT permissions. But now econet’s solution analyzes the Windows file system, traces all permissions and identifies any weak points caused by erroneous permissions.

Karl-Heinz Bernhard, the data protection officer for international freight company Lebert & Co., explains: “econet’s solution allowed us to answer all the questions in detail about the permissions in our file system and thus demonstrate our compliance.”

Supporting AEO certification

What’s more, the reporting results provided by econet’s solution also help logistics service providers to fulfill very specific compliance requirements and meet the challenges of AEO F certification. This certification is the key element of the European Union’s customs initiative aimed at protecting the entire supply chain from hazards such as terrorist threats.

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