econet’s Permissions Audit

If sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it can damage the company’s financial standing and reputation, and also have legal repercussions. It is important to be clear who has access to what and whether structural weaknesses in the file system could be instrumental in facilitating data leaks.

econet’s Permissions Audit reliably identifies the rights situation even in large file systems. Besides all active rights, it also lists any points that pose a potential information security risk, such as folders with universal access for all. This helps you react quickly.

Following a detailed analysis, one of our experts will visit you to talk about recommended protective measures against malicious data access and, where appropriate, offer advice on improvements.

The Permissions Audit includes:

A. Permissions analysis: Who has permission to do what?

Report Single User
Where does user X have access?


Report Single Folder

Who has access to share Y?


  • Which groups are the rights allocated in?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Are there any explicit access rights for users?
  • Where do rights change in the file structure? And much more besides.

B. Security analysis: Where are the risks located? 

Report Risk & Effort
Identifying weak points
Assessing the resulting security risk


C. Findings report: Where do we go from here?

  • Specific recommendations for remedying weak points
  • What are the most urgent tasks?
For the purpose of risk governance, demonstrable clarity of access rights is required by compliance and governance regulations such as KonTraG, SOX, the German Data Protection Act, BSI requirements, the banking sector’s MaRisk, and PCI-DSS for electronic payments.

The Permissions Audit provides IT administrators with the necessary information to tidy up existing file server permissions as part of access governance or for role mining so as to enable them to define roles and guidelines for performing access management.

econet’s experts provide security and risk management officers with a reliable quality and compliance appraisal regarding access security.

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econet’s Permissions Audit costs from as little as EUR 4,900.

If you have any questions, simply call us on +49 89 - 514 510, send us an e-mail, or make an appointment for a live demo by one of our experts.

Data protection and data integrity
The audit only gathers information about the file system and permissions structures (access control lists – ACLs) and does not access any information about files or their content. It goes without saying that our projects all include a formal contract ensuring the confidentiality of all information (non-disclosure agreement – NDA).