IT service providers can make their provision processes more efficient and agile with econet’s Identity & Service Manager.

Cloud service providers enable their customers to quickly and independently provide their users with customized IT services and permissions – such as mailboxes, file archives, SharePoint sites and libraries, SAP roles and profiles, etc. – via a self-service gateway. They can even combine their own services with those offered by different manufacturers and Cloud providers.

Cloud provisioning with econet Identity & Service Manager

Application and authorization workflows automatically include the responsible departmental staff, who ensure no undesired permissions are granted.

Upon authorization, the necessary operations are automatically performed following the set rules in the appropriate target systems, such as setting up project archives, including permissions, on a file server and making the appropriate entry in AD groups.

Cloud provisioning with econet’s ISM

  • Optimizes provision processes for IT services
  • Extends the service portfolio
  • Full support for high-end security and compliance fulfillment
  • Total transparency in “Who can do what and why?” for providers and customers
  • Supports a wide range of Cloud service models
Hybrid Cloud Provisioning with econet ISM
  • Combines data and services from different platforms and providers
  • Unrestricted multi-client-capability
  • Support tools for migration into the Cloud, within the Cloud and exiting the Cloud
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