Manual administration of users and permissions is time-intensive and questionable in regard to security. Public authorities save and process large volumes of personal data in e-mail and file systems, SAP and their administrative applications. Access to this should be reliably regulated.

Using an identity management solution

Public authorities’ IT service providers and their own IT departments have to grant users access to the necessary systems and also revoke it promptly. Considering the amount of daily organizational changes and the growing volume of data, this is hardly manageable on a secure basis without implementing an identity management system.

econet’s identity management solution has an established track record in user administration and provisioning IT services that reaches back over years. When new employees start work, the corresponding rights no longer need to be activated separately for each individual system. Users’ access can be centrally managed in line with their duties using the IDM solution.

Standardization and automation reduce operating costs

econet’s solution assists administration with more than 50 dedicated standard processes for public authorities to deal with specific situations, such as internal or external changes of office. The solution maps the entire transfer process, so the employee finds his complete IT workstation at his new desk, complete with all access and permissions.

It’s a task that used to require a whole team of IT staff. Now, just a few decentralized user assistants in the departments can achieve the same result with the aid of simple user interfaces. econet’s solution automatically applies the advised changes in the target systems according to the defined rules – from adding new permissions and creating new file archives to allocating extension numbers in the telephone systems. Experience has shown that even changing a user’s name can easily involve some 100 sub-processes, most of which can be performed automatically.

Transparent access rights

Reducing the administrative load with an IDM solution can really help local authorities keep within a tight budget. All the same, security matters more than anything else. A sound knowledge of who is authorized to do what, of who has allocated which rights to whom, and that permissions are revoked promptly as appropriate, is crucial for the security of business processes and information. econet’s solutions fully meet permissions management compliance requirements, as set by the German Data Protection Act, for example.

Creating a Shared Services Center

IT service providers dealing with more than one local authority can use econet’s solution to simultaneously deliver customized IT services to different clients. Rule-based processes can be used to automate IT service requests, such as file services, mail services and software distribution, very efficiently. This offers cost benefits to the customers and the related competitive advantages to suppliers.

econet has gathered special expertise in identity management over years of collaboration with large authorities and their service providers. We would be happy to discuss your needs without any obligation. Simply call our experts on +49 89 - 514 510. We look forward to hearing from you.