Berechtigungsverwaltung bei Banken
Key legislation – such as MaRisk, the BSI’s IT basic protection catalogs or KonTraG – demands clear and traceable identity management in the banking sector that can securely regulate rights allocation from an employee’s start to finish date.

This covers access to specialist applications and to unstructured data in the file systems, which is precisely where sensitive information such as business reports or personal data is stored.

Who has permission to do what when accessing data?

econet specializes in permissions audits and access management and has been helping organizations in the financial sector to optimize their authorization processes for over ten years. econet’s services and software solutions enable companies to
  • Trace and analyze permissions in evolved file systems (permissions audit)
  • Identify access risks and weak points resulting from erroneous permissions (risk audit)
  • Swiftly consolidate file system and permissions structures
  • Allocate, change and revoke access rights in line with compliance requirements
  • Regulate permissions in the departments themselves without the need to involve IT administration (authorization workflows using two-pairs-of-eyes principle)
  • Identify and revoke any permissions that were allocated without following the designated procedure (target/actual comparisons)
  • Automatically create and administer data resources such as shared file archives or SharePoint document libraries
If you would like to learn more about secure permissions administration in the financial sector, our experts would be happy to talk to you with no obligation.