File service management at the University of Salzburg

More than 18,000 students and 2,800 staff at the University of Salzburg require group and project directories and the corresponding access rights. The aim was to relieve IT administration of the intensive manual work involved, and to enable the departments to themselves regulate access permissions to their sensitive project and research data.

econet’s university solution was used to automate the administrative processes for directories and access and to place them in the hands of the departments. This means that project administrators can now create archives for themselves or others and can allocate, change or revoke access rights.

Cost savings: Considerable reduction in administrative outlay

Information security: Protects against unauthorized access with process-managed rights allocation and secure revocation of rights

Higher productivity: Accelerates processes, particularly at peak times

Transparency: Clear overview of all active rights

Monitoring: Secure and traceable rights allocation

Secure and efficient administration of file archives and access rights at the University of Salzburg

The outlay involved in providing file archives at large educational and research institutes is immense. At the University of Salzburg, more than 20,000 users need providing with group and project directories for their work.

Students require fast access to new project archives. Access to sensitive data for anyone who has left a project group, completed their studies or terminated their employment must be revoked in a reliable manner. Routine work often ties up the entire IT team at large institutions and leads to shortfalls and waiting times, especially at the start of each new semester.

Delegating rights allocation

The University of Salzburg decided to relieve IT administration of the manual work involved in permissions administration for file and group archives, and to delegate this to the individual departments, who actually know who should have permission to do what.

Simple and fast implementation

It took econet’s specialists just a matter of days to adapt the company’s Identity & Service Manager – its software solution for the secure and efficient administration of identities, rights and resources – to meet the precise needs of the University of Salzburg. The team work between the project staff and the university’s IT officers was exemplary.

Departments control access themselves

econet’s solution helped the University of Salzburg to transfer its authorization processes to the individual departments. The departmental project administrators themselves now allocate permission to access their project and research data, or delegate the job to senior staff.

Higher productivity, lower administration costs

When project administrators log in to the gateway interface of econet’s Service Manager, they only see the directories they are authorized to administer. From there, it only takes a few mouse clicks to create new archives, authorize users’ access to them and designate the administrators.

Changes in the target system, such as adding permissions to the file server and synchronization with the Active Directory, are made fully automatically by the system itself and without needing to involve IT staff.


The University of Salzburg’s idea of using econet’s university solution to delegate rights administration for operator services to the individual departments has been a resounding success. The IT department’s administrators and the helpdesk team have been relieved of the daily ins and outs of administering archives and permissions.

The University of Salzburg is using process-managed rights administration to protect its sensitive data from undesired access. This newly achieved transparency protects against rights that no longer apply remaining active, enables reliable revocation of access rights, and maps the allocation of rights by recording all activities.