Identity & Provisioning Manager


The Identity & Provisioning Manager is a specially designed standard software package to meet the needs of SMEs. Preconfigured user interfaces, workflows and interfaces make the implementation outlay extremely clear and provide reliable identity management at an entirely new price level.

IAM für den Mittelstand

The Identity & Provisioning Manager is a convenient and reliable way to provide departmental staff with IT services such as file and mail services, SAP and MS SharePoint. It also enables secure and transparent administration of users and their access rights

Independent local administration

Standard features include gateway interfaces and end-to-end workflows that are used to apply for new project archives or access to existing directories in Windows file systems. The relevant administrators are included in the authorization process. Once applications have been accepted, rule-based automatic processes apply the changes to the file servers and Active Directory.

Advantages of Identity & Provisioning Manager

  • Safety: Allocates rights correctly based on positions and roles in the company, reliably revokes permissions

  • Transparency: Central overview of permissions and IT resources; traceable compliance with regulationsn

  • Standardization: Uniform processes for service provision; standardized views for administrators, operators, managers and users

  • Efficiency/costs: Relieves the helpdesk and service desk; lower resource outlay due to high degree of automation

  • Cost assignment: Identifies service costs, allocates to the appropriate cost center

  • User satisfaction: Fast service provision, high-quality performance, self-service

  • Simple integration: Proven best practices, clear outlay, calculable costs

Trouble-free expansion

The Identity & Provisioning Manager is equipped with an extensive range of basic functions. If a company’s needs exceed this level over time, it is no trouble at all to upgrade to econet’s Identity & Service Manager. The superior package uses exactly the same technology, but is freely expandable with extra functions and can be linked to additional target systems.