Sven Quiling, Managing Director
Sven Quirling

Managing Director

Sven Quirling has been an active member of the management team at econet since January 2019. He has worked in IT for almost 30 years, including 20 years in IT consulting at direkt gruppe GmbH. The focus of his work lies in supporting major national clients in the areas of insurance and logistics.
Sven has extensive knowledge in the implementation of identity management solutions, which he uses to support the future-oriented enhancement of econet products and ensure synergies from the Hamburg office between econet and the portfolio of other companies in direkt gruppe GmbH.

Carsten Metzger, Managing Director
Carsten Metzger

Managing Director

Carsten Metzger joined econet in 1997 and since then has been involved in various roles in the further development of the product and project strategy for econet solutions and their use by clients. Carsten has many years of experience in major client projects and in-depth process knowledge. Most recently, he has been responsible for Product Services and Product Support. He has been a member of the econet Executive Board since January 2019, helping to further increase the value to clients of econet products and align the products to the future requirements of changing system landscapes.

Thomas Reeb, Head of Sales & Marketing
Thomas Reeb

Head of Sales & Marketing

Thomas Reeb joined econet in 1996. Until 2001, he was in charge of consulting, after which he moved into sales, marketing and business development. He was the inventor of econet’s methodical approach, as recommended by eminent analysts, and has performed impeccably in customer projects for many years. He also constructs ROI models to aid IT investment decisions.

From 1992 to 1995, he was an IT business consultant, having graduated with a degree in physics from the LMU Munich in 1991.