Migration Manager


Unclear permissions set-ups for access to file systems represent a severe threat to a company’s special expertise. Although many administrators know this, but they put up with the threat because of the huge effort that consolidation previously involved. econet’s Migration Manager requires little time to identify, analyze and clean up file systems and permission structures.

Clearly structured and highly automated

  • Simplifies and standardizes folders and rights structures
  • Overview of all access permissions in force at every stage
  • Preview of set-up in future file system concept
  • Reports inconsistencies requiring clarification prior to migration
  • Involves departments using easily understandable workflows
  • Reduces access types and administered hierarchy levels
  • Automatic set-up of and authorization for the folder structure in the target systems
  • Corresponding permissions groups in the Active Directory
  • Reliable in large-scale environments involving millions of folders and rights

Outlay and complexity under control

Migration Manager uses a step-by-step approach and reliable workflows to turn even large file systems into clearly organized projects for efficient administration::

1. Identifies the existing status

Berechtigungs-Scan Dateisystem
Migration Manager scans and analyzes the file system.

  • Where do permissions change in the file structure?
  • Who has which permissions in the examined area?
2. Evaluating the new concept

Dateisystem VorschauMigration Manager displays the information gathered in the new concept. econet has its own optimized file system concepts, if required.
  • Which directories can have permissions directly accorded in future?
  • Who will have which rights in this area?
3. Checked by the data owner

Einsicht DateneigentümerAfter clarifying any questions, the displays are released to the data owners in the individual departments.

  • The data owner will then be able to see for himself in a service gateway how the directories will be displayed in the future.
  • He checks the directories’ structure and permissions
4. Installs new file system structure

As soon as the data owner gives the go-ahead, econet’s Migration Manager automatically sets up the new structure and authorizations in the target system to prepare for the transfer of data.

5. Data transfer

All that remains is to automatically transfer the data from the old structure to the new one. The resulting file system can be securely administered with corresponding permissions groups in the Active Directory and with clearly organized hierarchy levels and categories of access.

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econet’s Migration Manager has proved extremely successful, particularly in large environments.