It is often scarcely possible to retrace which employees have access to sensitive company data after years of growth. econet’s Reporting Studio creates an extremely high degree of transparency for the permissions in evolved Windows and Novell file systems.

Besides analyzing and documenting access rights, it can identify any risks arising from erroneous permissions, such as data that is readily accessible to anyone with global access

Permissions audit - summary report
Overview report
The key facts at a glance

Permissions audit - report "weak points & risks"
KPI report

Where do any weak points exist?

Permissions audit - report "single user"
Single user report

Where does User X has access?

Permissions audit - report "single folder"
Single folder report 

Who has access to archive Y?

Protect information – analyze access rights

  • Highly automated analysis and documentation of all permissions
  • Active Directory, Windows and Novell file servers, NAS systems by Netapp
  • Easily comprehensible display for auditors and individual departments
  • Predefined, individually extendable report scenarios
  • Overview graphic of weak points and potential risks
  • Identification of erroneous access rights and excessive permissions
  • Difference reports: What changes have occurred since the last analysis?
  • Automatic dispatch of scheduled reports
  • Quick and reliable, even for very large file server architectures

Fulfill compliance requirements

Reporting user permissions and potential risks with econet’s Reporting Studio is a vital aid to fulfilling security and compliance requirements regarding access control and information security. The transparency this creates forms the basis for fulfilling access rights standards, as arise for instance from the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS.

Reporting Studio is a vital aid to analyzing permissions on file servers, certifying and re-certifying access rights for IT audits, role mining, applying new file system and permissions concepts, as input for monitoring systems, for planning migrations, or simply in everyday administration.n.

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